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Yongkang ze jiang storage equipment co., LTD., over the years www.162iic.cnmitted to makers of auto parts products packaging material, metal containers, metal logistics turnover box, steel tray, the power carrying vehicles, fixed frame, metal cages, car inner decoration cloth opportunely succeeded, metal, plastic box, tires, power always ChengLiao, gearbox, gearbox tray rack, non-standard rack, and storage shelves, metal mesh and other warehousing logistics equipment design, manufacture and sales. According to different products in handling. Warehousing. Problems encountered in the process of turnover. To provide customers with considerate. Suitable solutions. Provide automobile KD parts import and export packaging. Auto parts metal packaging. All kinds of metal packaging design research and development. According to different standard www.162iic.cnponents for the design of professional system, convenient logistics transportation, shipping and packaging.

Years of dedicated product development design and production and processing experience, to ensure that the www.162iic.cnpany's logistics system planning and design and manufacture of the professional quality of the team, and standardization of the basic elements and the production process strictly, guarantee the stability of the special product delivery time and quality.

www.162iic.cnpany to introduce automatic cutting machine, high efficiency, high cutting precision, intelligent welding robot operation, production process, good quality of welding, solder joint is smooth and beautiful, no welding slag, weld, welding, reliable product quality, process carefully treated. Use strong trust.

Accumulated for many years, so far the www.162iic.cnpany has advanced production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system, and repeatedly won the national quality system certification. Products 60% exported to Japan. Europe and the United States and other countries.

To the world to provide customer satisfaction of products, and continuously the pursuit of excellence of products and services is our eternal goal!

We will continue to look forward to your testimony!

For electricity inwww.162iic.cning letter consultation, tell us your such issues encountered in the process of transport

We can be close to build the perfect solution for you! We believe that our professional quality of experience can bring for you!

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